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Shrimps (Varieties block frozen and individually frozen)

  • Head on shell , 6x2 kg, 6x 1.8 kg, 6x1.5 kg, 10x1 kg etc.
  • Headless shell-on, 6x 2 kg , 6x1.8 kg, etc.
  • Peeled deveined tail-on shrimps 10x1 kg
  • Peeled deveined shrimps 10x1 kg
  • Peeled undeveined shrimps 10x1 kg, 20x400 gms
  • Scampi- head on & headless, 1x10 kg, 6x2 kg, 10x2 kg

Lobster (Rock Lobster and Sand Lobster)

  • H/on whole lobster 10 kg, 15 kg etc
  • Lobster tails 10 kg,15 kg etc
  • Sand lobster, 10 kg, 15 kg etc

Crab (All Varieties)

  • Whole crab iqf, 2x5 kg
  • Cut crab with claw 20x500 gms

Cephalopods (Block Frozen and Individually Frozen)

  • Squid whole 10x2 kg, 10x1.8 kg, 10x1.5kg, 6x2 kg
  • Squid whole cleaned 10x2 kg,6x2 kg
  • Squid tubes 10x2 kg and 6x2 kg
  • Squid rings 10x1 kg
  • Cuttle fish whole 2x10 kg
  • Cuttle fish whole cleaned 10 kg bulk
  • Octopus whole gutted 10 kg bulk

Fishes (All varieties)

  • Whole fish 20 kg bulk, 10 kg bulk
  • Fish fillets 10 kg bulk and 4x2.5 kg, 10x1 kg
  • Fish steaks 10x1 kg