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Get To Know Us

The Deep Seafood Company (LLC) was established in the year 1986, what started off as a small idea to generate the supply of quality seafood to a few organizations at Abu Dhabi - capital of the U.A.E. Went on to be developed into a an entire fish processing facility over the years at Ajman and later in Dubai. We have grown from leaps and bounds and have become extremely successful in our ventures.

The primary focus of the fish processing facility is to retain the absolute freshness of the sea products caught by the fishermen.

We store the freshly caught products in our specialized warehouses, where there are facilities to suit the product and create longevity for its freshness for even years for some products, depending on the order of the product.

Cleanliness is next to godliness, and we understand the statement or rather take the statement really seriously, because in our organization dealing with seafood, its bound to go wrong but because of our extremely careful measures and extra cautious staff who are well trained on the same we do a good job of it.

We take extra precautions to keep in consideration the hygiene and cleanliness rules to be followed while dealing with the storage and cleaning of the product. Other than that we also make sure the products are catered to the customer needs and customized as per the requirement of the order.

Overall our establishment and the whole set up is focused on the products of the sea and catering them with the best possible form to our customers which include wide range of people from the domestic market in and around U.A.E. as well as the international market which will include various Gulf countries.

As research over the years suggests that more than a billion people depend on seafood as their source of protein, it has only made us even more passionate towards giving people the best of the sea. And also helped in constantly making a growing improvement in our abilities.