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For any organization to be exceptional in their development and quality they have to be good in the facilities they offer for the overall functioning of it, from people working in to specialized methods used for the fulfillment of the orders that come in. These facilities help the overall end product to be relished at its best by the consumer of the product, giving the organization a good will that will last a lifetime. Such is the functioning of the facility department when it comes to The Deep Seafood Company.

Seafood is caught from unpolluted water bodies are the reason they are absolutely fresh and with impeccable quality. That's not a very common thing to do, as we take special care in choosing the kind of water bodies we can. The catch is then processed carefully by well informed people who are trained to be doing this job based on the HACCP certified plant which is at commendable par with the advanced processing facilities the world over.

The people involved in the processing unit are highly skilled and well trained workers specialized in the field of dealing with the products in various conditions. They are constantly monitored while performing their work so as to retain uniformity and for the consistency of the quality of the processed products from our organization.

We have a proven track record of fish processing and exporting the products to various GCC countries. Egypt, Syria, Malaysia, Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon, U.S.A. are a few countries we supply to, added to all these we also supply to the domestic market in and around UAE.


We have two types of warehouses where we can manage to retain the quality of the products for a longer time.

Excellence in quality

We cannot deny how passionate we are in delivering to our customers our products in its best form. It's richness, freshness and the sustainability are indeed to be mentioned about and cannot go unnoticed. We are proud that these few but important factors of how we function are the reason for our tremendous growth over the years as well as the reason for gaining the loyalty of customers.

We have set standards and we are very careful and conscious of maintaining those standards starting from the purchasing, production as well as the distribution of the product.

Quality Check

The quality check is more a manual process here at the unit as the technical check will be done at the place of the departure.

The quality of the product is checked based on two categories namely:

The quality check is done using chemicals or micro biological. They will check for the certified quality of the products before the departure.

Important facts



In the near future we are looking at bigger projects and further developments and expansions.

Our already existing warehouses, processing units and offices in Abu Dhabi, Ajman and Dubai are the added feather to the cap.

We are looking at projects that will help us do a better job in regards to catering to the customers the end product at its best namely at Umm Al Quwain, Mafraq etc